Women supporting women 

Mana Sira is a sisterhood like no other.

With their love for design, creativity and crochet, four close friends from Newcastle, Australia began teaching a group of Timorese women in Timor-Leste basic crochet skills with the aim of creating an opportunity for them to become financially self sufficient through an income-generating project.

In 2016, the brand Mana Sira was born as a way of connecting the Timorese women to a market which they would not otherwise have had access to. Mana Sira translates to ‘sisters’ in Tetum and works with a collective of Timorese women who create beautiful artisan

crochet pieces.


From the mountains of Timor-Leste, Mana Sira partners with Project Montanha - a community development program working to reduce poverty through skills-building and income-generating projects. Project Montanha takes a holistic approach to their work. Through regular meetings - Project Montanha provides a platform for women to develop mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.

These Timorese women create the most divine handmade products, from their home to yours. 


Each stitch is pieced together with hope.


Those involved in Mana Sira Project love what they do. Many of the women make their products in their homes, giving them the flexibility to maintain their daily routine of tending to the field, cooking, cleaning and looking after their families.

The women speak of “crocheting for the future”, allowing them to plan ahead instead of living each day in poverty and relying only on subsistence farming.

Each time you buy a Mana Sira product, you make a direct difference in the life of a sister. The women are proud of their products and they love hearing about who buys their products and why.


Mana Sira embraces sustainability and quality.


While the story of this sisterhood is integral to our identity, it is the quality of our handmade pieces that we are truly proud of.