Averys' birth

'I'd never considered having a photographer at the birth of my child, because I had no idea such a service even existed! When my partner broached the subject with me I was initially hesitant about having another person in the birthing suite with us during what was sure to be such an emotion-charged and raw experience for us and didn't want to have to worry about letting my guard down around a "stranger". In hindsight, my hesitation couldn't have been more misplaced - having Ash there throughout this incredible experience not only resulted in a priceless record of the birth of our beautiful daughter, but also enhanced the day itself. Ash was brilliant at being present when needed and then fading into the background when not - there's no trade off between privacy and getting beautiful photos, it's a win win. It was a long and intense day, so having someone there for something even so simple as to grab a glass of water was an unexpected benefit.

The photos themselves are incredible - how Ash managed to be in the right place at the right time to capture all of the emotion and love in the room throughout the day without ever imposing herself astounds me. The photos we received have been a wonderful way to share the experience with our family, and will continue to stir the indescribable love we felt that day whenever we look back at them.'

Thanks again for being there for Avery's birth, I still cry when I look at the photos! - Averys daddy


Solomons' birth

'To me birth is something sacred and I was in two minds about having a birth photographer. it’s an intimate special moment that I only wanted to share with my husband. Saying that I also think it’s the most incredible experience in the world. And something we get to experience so few time. Something I wanted captured, something to look back on and remember the beautiful journey of bringing our baby into the world.

Having Ash at the birth of our son was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Looking at our photos and watching our slide show gives us so much joy. Ash does such a beautiful job. She is so professional it didn’t feel awkward her being there - it felt right. Ash you were a calm presence in the background doing your thing and we will never be able to thank you enough. Our photos mean the world to us'

- Solomons mummy


Aubreys' birth

'Every time I look at the photos Ash captured it takes me back to that very moment, that very surreal, raw and full of every emotion kinda moment. Apart from Ash’s beautiful personality, she brought such a calmness to the room, the first few moments with bub are so precious & Ash was a perfect addition.

Ash was respectful, full of joy & we couldn’t be more thankful for these moments Ash captured so perfectly.'

- Aubreys mummy

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Averys' Birth

'Ash really honours what you are experiencing and what you have asked her to be a part of and I think that is what really struck me about her presence at my birth. She was amazing. When I needed another person to interact with to take my mind off the pain, she was there. When I was deep within the experience of birthing with my husband, she was invisibly capturing each moment perfectly.

I can’t stress how valuable having those images is for me. To be able to look back and remember each moment, the pain, the joy, the raw emotion and love is absolutely priceless. I feel like if I didn’t have them my memory of birthing would be very different.

The images that Ash has taken really tell the story of our birth. I’m overcome with emotion every time I look at them. She truly has a gift.' - Averys mummy